Create a Looped channel (linear)

Go to " Channels" page. Here you can create a scheduled channel clicking in the "Create channel" dropdown button and then choosing "Scheduled".

Then type the channel name and customize your channel adding a logo (preferably PNG with transparent background) at the top left or right, a logo link, the color you want to appear on the player control and a twitter account

Choose the time to start, first video will start at this time.

Then press " Accept" to create the channel.

The created channel will be continuously running 24/7. Be sure you have set your Time zone to your Area from the settings page.

Including videos to the channel

After creating the channel and adding the videos to your content, we must go to "Channels" tab, click on the created channel, and add the videos you want to the channel.

Once the content is added to your channel you can preview or embed the channel clicking on the corresponding buttons. Here you can find a detailed information about how to embed the player on your site.

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