How live stream works

You can broadcast live via any RTMP hardware or software encoder such as OBS, Wirecast or vMix.

Embed the live stream directly on a website or send the live feed to one or multiple Viloud channels. The channel automatically will switch to a live state and once the live ends the channel will switch to its normal state.

All live broadcasts will be recorded so you can easily use it like on demand content in your channels later. So that live minutes streamed will be counted like minutes hosted.

This feature is available from the Business plan.

Live Streaming FAQs

What is the maximum resolution supported?

The maximum resolution supported for live streaming is 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p).

What is Viloud’s latency for live streams?

The latency (delay) of live streaming is about 10-15 seconds (low latency).

What is the maximum live stream duration?

By default you can stream live until 12 continuous hours, then the live will be automatically disconnected. Please note that the MP4 download is not supported for live videos longer than 4 hours.

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