How to use the Scheduler

The Scheduler area includes Keyboard support for quicker management, so you can use the Left/Right arrows, Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys.

The following are all the keyboard shortcuts available:

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + click  Select multiple items
Shift + click  Select all contigous items between the two items selected
Left arrow  Select the item on the left of the selected item
Right arrow Select the item on the right of the selected item 
Delete Remove all selected items

Also you can get the Ctrl or Shift functionality using the "Multiple Selection" and "Continuous Selection" buttons of the tool box. Clicking these buttons activate or deactivate their functionality:

  • Multiple selection: activate this function to select multiple items. It works as the Ctrl shortcut.
  • Continuous selection: activate this function to select all the contiguous items between two items. It works as the Shift shortcut.

More actions:

  • Clear all: click on this button to remove all items of the current scheduler.
  • Remove blanks: click on this button to remove all blank spaces on the scheduler. All content will move to the left without blanks.
  • Zoom In/Out: click on these buttons to zoom in or out of the scheduler's size.
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