How Viloud billing works

When you subscribe, you are billed in advance for the coming month or year of service at a rate that corresponds with your selected plan level. You are also billed for the previous month’s if you exceed the Video Hosting limits with the overage charges, if there are any. You will be billed on the same date each month unless you cancel your account, which you can do at anytime.

Understanding Overages

Overages are charges for extra minutes uploaded or streamed that are incurred when you need more than the amount of either one included with your plan. 

There are two possible overages to consider:

  • Minutes uploaded: any additional minute uploaded in your account beyond your plan’s pre-included allowance. This additional fee per minute uploaded is charged monthly for encoding and storing the video and is updated in each billing cycle. So that, during the same billing cycle if you upload a video and then you remove it, minutes will be included in your next bill but won't be included in the bill of the next month.
  • Minutes streamed: any additional minute streamed in your account beyond your plan’s monthly allowance. We send email notifications when you are close or exceed your limit so that you can monitor your usage. It's reset in each billing cycle.
    (Note that these minutes streamed are only counted from videos uploaded. The rest of video links have unlimited views)

You can check your Usage and your current Billing information at anytime in the Settings area of your account.

If you ever have any questions about how the billing works, please contact us and we will happily walk you through it.

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