How to set up a custom domain (CNAME)

Why do I need a custom domain?

With a custom domain you can see your content under your own domain, this means that your users will see your channels without having to leave your website. Thanks to this you will be able to have your channels integrated into your website in a homogeneous way giving a much more professional look.

How do I set a custom domain?

Setting up a custom domain is very simple but we need your help as we need you to add a CNAME entry in your DNS zone through your domain provider, it sounds complicated but it really only takes 1 minute and we will guide you through the whole process.

First of all set up your subdomain on your website:

Secondly, go to the DNS provider that manages the domain you have entered on your Viloud website (where you purchased the domain). Go to the DNS management page and add a new record. Each DNS provider has a different interface so we can't help you with images of each one but all of them will always ask you for the same data:

  • Record type: you will have to choose CNAME
  • Name/Host: refers to your subdomain, normally you will only need to enter your subdomain, for example, for you will only need to enter mytv
  • Destination: refers to where the content is, in this case

This is a CNAME setup example for a DNS provider:

Once this is done we will need some time for the DNS to propagate around the world and we can finish configuring your custom domain on our platform, when the process is finished you will receive a confirmation email from our team. From now you can share your Viloud channels with your own url!


This action may take up to 48h, if you don't receive news from us please contact support from your dashboard or on our contact form.

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