How do streaming limits work?

The streaming is counted in minutes viewed by viewers. You can see your current account usage from the settings page.

You can increase your streaming limits by upgrading your account at any time.

What counts towards your streaming limit?

  • Minutes viewed of videos uploaded to our cloud from the Uploads page.
  • Minutes viewed of a live stream on Viloud.
  • Minutes viewed of recorded live streams.

What doesn't count towards your streaming limit?

Streaming of video links from an external video hosting.

How are the minutes viewed counted?

The quick answer is that if 10 people watch 60 minutes of a live stream, it is counted like 10x60 minutes, a total of 600 minutes viewed. 

However this is a bit more complex as we use peer-to-peer technology to stream, so you would actually see much less minutes counted in your account, depending on how many people there are simultaneously watching the stream. The more people connected at the same time the better the impact of P2P and this results in less minutes counted. 

What happens if I cross my streaming limit?

In that case the additional minutes viewed will be charged in a pay-as-you-go basis (you can find the prices in our Pricing page).

Contact us if you haven't a payment method associated to your account.
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