How to create a Roku channel from my Viloud channels

With the HLS links of your linear channels you are able to stream your channels on a third-party OTT platform like Roku. You will need to create the Roku channel from your side with a Roku account. 

You have 2 methods to create a Roku channel:

  1. Build a custom Roku channel using the Roku SDK Developer.
  2. Through Roku Direct Publisher.

    We will focus on this option as it is the fastest and easiest way. A quick guide:

- Here you can find the Roku documentation to create a channel through the Direct Publisher. It's Roku’s own service, built to help you start and create a Roku channel of your own.

- When creating the Roku channel, you will need to create a json file hosted on your web hosting, Direct Publisher JSON. Add there the .m3u8 output links provided by Viloud as liveFeeds, and include this JSON file to your App in this way:

- Fill the rest of the form and publish it, they say you can be up and running in no time.

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