Building a customized website with Viloud

With Viloud, you can create secure cloud-hosted websites that leverages channels and player settings from your Viloud dashboard to distribute your content on desktop and mobile web. Use the steps below to set up a website.

Create a website

  1. From the dashboard, click in the Websites section.
  2. Click in the Create website button.
  3. Add the channel(s) you want to show on your website.
  4. On the Basics section enter a Site name. This sets the <title> and the og:title properties of your Website.
  5. Enter a Custom Domain. Follow these instructions to point a custom domain to Viloud.
  6. On the Design section, upload your brand logo and favicon.
  7. Select the Header visibility, shown or hidden.
  8. Select the Page layout, full width or fixed width.
  9. Select your preferred colors for the Background, Font and Highlight.  
  10. Choose the Player options: Playback and Display options.
  11. On the Site information section, enter a footer text that will appear in the footer of the website.
  12. Enter a Site description. This sets the meta description (for SEO) and the og:description properties of your Website.
  13. Click Save.

Once the Website is created you can see the result and get an unique URL clicking in Go to website button.

Note that the Powered by Viloud text will be removed from the Premium plan.

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