Create my first channel

To start using Viloud, the first step we must take is to create an account with the email and password you choose from this link:

Creating the first channel

Once we have activated from the confirmation email, we will access the management panel. And after adding some videos to our list, we'll see this message:

To create our first channel, press in "Create channel" button and now you can choose between create a linear, FAST or on demand channel:

  • Linear channels: all viewers will watch the same content at the same time as in the traditional television. Linear channels can be delivered via Viloud Player, an HLS link compatible with any player and TV Apps like Roku. Two types of linear channels:
  • FAST channels (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) is a type of linear channel that provides free content to viewers, supported by advertising. FAST channels are delivered via HLS link with SCTE-35 ad markers inserted at regular intervals. See how to create an FAST channel.
  • On-demand channels: all viewers can interact with the player controls and jump to the next or previous video in the playlist. On demand channels are delivered via Viloud Player. See how to create an On demand channel

Be sure you have changed your timezone to your Area from the settings page.

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